1d7 Items Found on the Dead Orc

  1. Snot-encrusted, golden nose ring worth 100 gp.
  2. Dead rat.
  3. Pouch of small stones with smiley faces carved on them.
  4. Silver dagger hilt (blade completely broken) engraved with cranes worth 70 gp.
  5. Half-bottle of healing potion, restores 1d3+2 hp but character must make a Fort DC 5 saving throw or become Sickened (suffer a -1 penalty to attack rolls and spell checks) for the next hour due to Orc backwash.
  6. Jerky made of Elf ears.
  7. Raggedy stuffed Owlbear; once belonged to a Wizard’s daughter, still has 2d10 little obsidian claws worth 10 gp each.

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