Monster: Croaker

CroakerInit +3; Atk bite +1 (1d6); AC 13; HD 2d8; MV fly 90′; Act 1d20; SP sticky tongue attack; SV Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +0; AL N.

A croaker is a frog-crow hybrid creature that stands about two feet tall. It has bulging eyes, a serrated beak, and a mixture of slimy skin and matted black feathers that cover its body. Croakers make an awful croak-caw sound when defending their nests or calling to their mates.

These creatures will aggressively defend their nests, which sit precariously atop dead trees and are filled with snatched treasures of varying sorts. When out hunting treasure to add to their nests, croakers will attack with a sticky tongue attack at +4 to hit against any hand-held object (range 20′). If successful, the target character must succeed at a DC 10 Reflex save or the croaker quickly yanks the object from the character’s hand and immediately returns to its nest.

1d7 Interesting Objects Found in a Croaker Nest

  1. Silver short sword.
  2. Standard bearing the coat-of-arms of a nobleman that recently went missing from this region. The remains of the nobleman and his retinue cannot be far from here.
  3. Magic want that can cast a fireball spell (CL 5 or as if spell check result of 16) one time (by a character of any class) and then disintegrates into hot ashes.
  4. Silver holy symbol of a (roll 1d5) 1) good, 2) evil, 3) lawful, 4) chaotic, or 5) neutral deity common to this region.
  5. Leather pouch containing 3d6 +1 sling stones.
  6. Finely crafted longbow carved with leaf and squirrel designs worth 120 gp, the string is missing.
  7. Scroll case containing a map of an entire small dungeon not far from here. The locations of monsters and treasure are labeled, but they are all incorrect.

1d7 Items Found on the Dead Orc

  1. Snot-encrusted, golden nose ring worth 100 gp.
  2. Dead rat.
  3. Pouch of small stones with smiley faces carved on them.
  4. Silver dagger hilt (blade completely broken) engraved with cranes worth 70 gp.
  5. Half-bottle of healing potion, restores 1d3+2 hp but character must make a Fort DC 5 saving throw or become Sickened (suffer a -1 penalty to attack rolls and spell checks) for the next hour due to Orc backwash.
  6. Jerky made of Elf ears.
  7. Raggedy stuffed Owlbear; once belonged to a Wizard’s daughter, still has 2d10 little obsidian claws worth 10 gp each.